aka Chrissy Green

  • I live in Calgary Alberta
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is Computers Drawing
  • I am Female
Chrissy Green

Hi I'm Chrissy Green I'm 22 years old I love Richard Zedd Kahlan Cara I don;'t like Darken Rahl I love

Watching this tv show sometimes I get scared I

Have a crush on Craig Horner who also has a crush leave me to me to deal with okay I'm 22

I'm friendly ad I do get Into big trouble lot get It

If I was In the show I would be like Kahlan I love trying out new things I really love computers ya

I would like to have the power to become a Smurf.

My favorite pagesEdit

1 Richard Cypher

2. Kahlan Amnell

3. Cara Mason

4. Zeddicus Zorander

5. Craig Horner

6. Bridget Regan

7. Tabbrett Betthell

8. Bruce Spence

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