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"Welcome to The Underworld"

—Darken Rahl

The Underworld is the place where all the dead goes to.

It is separated in two sections, one belonging to the Creator, where it is said that all bask in the Creator's light in eternal happiness, and one belonging to the Keeper, a fiery hellscape where the dead moan in agony for all eternity.

The Underworld is separated from the world of the living by the Veil. Should the Veil become torn or destroyed, the Keeper would bring war to the world of the living.

During the events of the show's second season, due to the destruction of the Boxes of Orden, the Veil is torn and the balance of the Underworld is disrupted, allowing the Keeper to not only send his agents to the world of the living but also to claim the souls of all who die, including the good people who would normally be granted passage to the Creator's side. When the Stone of Tears is used to repair the Veil, the balance is restored.

Darken Rahl resides in the Underworld

Creatures of the Underworld[]


An extremely vicious creature, the Screeling has the ability to rip living flesh as if they were paper. They are also known for the horrifying noise they constantly make. The only known way to destroy it is to freeze it and smash it.


They were formerly Human beings who took the deal of the Keeper, to take a life for another day to live. Banelings can be destroyed by burning their bodies (or specifically make sure they have no body for their souls to return too) while their souls are still in the Underworld to prevent them to come back.

Shadow People

They are the evil spirits of the dead, they reside in the boundery. They take the form of dead loved ones so they can lure unsuspecting victums close enough to the boundry and grab them, taking there souls to the Underworld.

Inhabitants of the Underworld[]


  • The Underworld is similar to the Hell of the real world as it is a place where souls are tortured for eternity.
  • The Underworld exists outside space and time.
  • Sorcerers and Sorceresses have the ability to take souls from the Underworld and summon the souls into another body.
  • Darken Rahl formerly as an agent of the Keeper has some authority over the Underworld, as he was able to open and close rifts of the Underworld and torment souls with flames of the Underworld.