Birth name: Triana
Species: Human
Gender: Female   Female
Caste: Mord-Sith
Title: Mord-Sith


  • Mord-Sith
Portrayed by: Charisma Carpenter
  ●   First Appearance: Marked

Triana was a Sister of the Agiel who served under Darken Rahl, and continued to remain loyal to him after his death.


Triana confronted Cara, after Darken Rahl was defeated, telling her that the Mord-Sith needed to take back D'Hara to restore the peace. But Cara made it clear to the other Mord-Sith that she was in charge, nearly drowning Triana for her defiance. She denied Triana an honorable death and made her her slave.

Darken Rahl then appeared to Triana in the form of a spirit, and she informed him about Cara and he told her that she had to dispose of Cara so the Mord-Sith could take back D'Hara. Triana and the other Mord-Sith beat Cara severely and cut off her braid, signifying that she was no longer welcome as a Mord-Sith. They took her Agiel, and left her for the townspeople.

Part of Rahl's plan was for Triana and the other Mord-Sith to capture more girls to be trained as Mord-Sith, but the Seeker, Mother Confessor, and Cara all banded together to save them. Richard and a Dragon Corps squadron and resistance fighters worked together to distract and fight the Mord-Sith, while Kahlan and Cara went to free the girls, but once they got there Cara revealed that she was only in the plan to get revenge on Triana. She eventually killed her, taking back her Agiel.

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