Richard shows the Stone of Tears to the Keeper, who is disguised as a child

Episode No.   Season
44 2x22 Two
Original air date 22 May 2010
Written by Ken Biller & Steven Tolkin
Directed by Mark Beesley
Chronological Information
Preceded by Unbroken

Tears is the 22nd episode of season two of Legend of the Seeker. It's the finale of season two, as well as the final episode in the series.


Zedd undoes the Spell of Undoing, but performs it on Dahlia instead, bringing to a timeline where Cara was never recaptured and rebroken by Darken Rahl. Zedd finds himself on the Ulgoloth plains along with Richard, Kahlan and Cara, as they fight off a group of Banelings. They continue moving on, but the Keeper opens a rift in front of them. Richard jumps across the rift and continues to the Pillars of Creation, as the others try to find a way around.

Meanwhile, tired of the Sisters of the Dark's failures, the Keeper takes the body of a boy his Banelings have killed and goes to find Richard, willing to obtain the Stone of Tears as the prophecy foretold.


  • This episode is the last and finale episode of the series.
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