Sisters of the light

Sisters of the Light

The Sisters of the Light were a group of sorceresses who were dedicated to serving the Creator. The sisters lived in the Palace Of The Prophets in the Old World and their duty was to train young Wizards how to use their gift when there was no other alternative.

Life For The SistersEdit

The Sisters Of The Light lived in the Palace of The Prophets and were lead by a Prelate. The Sisters all dressed in red dresses with matching red veils they wore over their faces most of the time, except for the Prelate who wore a light shade of pink.

When no other option was avaible, the Sister were the ones who would train young Wizards how to use their gift. Normally, the Sisters would look for the gifted boy when he was still a child because that way it was easier to train him how to use his gift, but they didn't find Richard Rahl until he was a grown man. As with the Sisters of the Dark, they fought most of their battles with weapons called Dacra.

Sisters of The DarkEdit

The Sisters of the Dark were the exact opposites of the sisters of the light because they served The Keeper of the Underworld. the Sisters of the Dark lived in the palace among the Sisters of the Light in disquise.

Known Sisters of the LightEdit

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