The Shadrin is a creature living in the Midlands. It is a centaur-like being which have two horns, black fur, and is a bit larger then a human adult. The Shadrin makes its nest in deep caves, and hunt by sound during daytime. The beast also seems to be afraid of fire.

As a MythEdit

Most of the people in the Midlands have believed that the Shadrin is nothing more then a myth. This may be due to the fact that the Shadrin is rarely, if not at all, seen by travellers and merchants as they pass on the safe roads. Another reason could be that those few people who do have seen and faced the Shadrin have lived to tell the tale about it.[1]

Carvings insde some caves depict the Shadrin as a terrifying beast chasing ancient humans. This could be seen as a warning from ancient victims, for strangers who is unfortunate enough to go inside a Shadrin's lairs.[1]


The Shadrin hunts by sound during the day, and feed on its pray later on the evening when it's dark. A Shadrin can almost eat anything, may it be a deer or human being.[1][2]


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