A view at the source of the shadow water.

The Shadow Water is a unique type of water and the substance of it can cure a baneling. The water could only be found, not conjured, and was inspired by many wizards. It only appeared in the episode "Hunger" of Legend of the Seeker.


the secret of the source died decades ago, along with the wizard Carracticus Zorander. Somehow Zedd´s father found the source and experimented with the water, creating fifty bottles with samples in it.


After many years, the fifty bottles of shadow water was sold by Thaddecus and Sebastian. Zedd used the last sample of shadow water in the store (which Sebastian owned) to locate the source of it with the magical apparatus. The map showed the location of the source and the shadow water lied in a grove located in the Valley of Echoes. Darken Rahl found out about the location by Thaddecus in the underworld and when Richard and Cara found the source, he destroyed the fountain in the process. Richard got some of the shadow water to save Cara, which later saved Thaddecus. 


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