"O' Shadows long to overtake the day and evil do'th enslave us, when war and strife and fear hold sway, the Seeker then shall save us. When cities burn and kingdoms fall the Seeker then shall sound his call. When men call Darkin Rhal their lord the Seeker shall then rase his soward, when days are dark and hope is lost and times are ever weaker. When Springtime dies benith the frost, then shall come the Seeker."
—The coming of the Seeker ballard.[src]

The Seeker of Truth is an important figure in the Midlands. The Seeker is a hero who arises in a time of need and protects the people from tyranny. The Seeker must be courageous, strong, and loyal.


Only a Wizard of the Frst Order can name a new Seeker. He is given the Sword of Truth and after his initiation, the sword will be hit by a lightning bolt.

Love affairsEdit

Some Seekers have been known to love their Confessors, but are forbidden to become lovers, as the Seeker would become Confessed and could not complete their duties without their Confession getting in the way. Yet unbeknownst to all, if a Seeker truly, wholeheartedly loved their Confession, it would have no effect.

List of SeekersEdit

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