"The Screelings are lose, the Keeper may win, his assassians have come to rip off your skin"- Screeling poamEdit

Screelings are squat, hunched over creatures armed with long, wicked claws instead of fingers on each hand. Screelings had a supernatural speed and strength, and could scale sheer surfaces and ceilings.Ledgend says that a screeling will be found in the world of the living this is a sign of the tearing of the veil and a warning that the Keeper will rise. Legend also tells they can only be defeated by being hacked to pieces but this was disproven when Richard and a compeny of Dragion Corp tried to do so with no affect.They do appear to have one weakness though there vision is poor from residing in the darkness of the Underworld.The Screeling was slayed when Zedd froze it and Richard shattered it with his sword.Edit

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