Ranssyn Fane was a D'Haran officer under Darken Rahl. He led a squad across the boundary to kill Kahlan Amnell, and was the only one among them to survive that encounter. He murdered George Cypher after he refused to reveal the whereabouts of his son. When he thwarted Richard Cypher's attempts at revenge, he stole the Book of Counted Shadows, planning to return it too Darken Rahl. Using Lara Brandstone as leverage, he made Chase tell him where he had gotten the D'Haran battle weapon that he owned. Learning of Adie, the bone women, he set off to South Haven, where he again used the price of Lara's life to force Adie to give him the Night Stone. He attempted to kill Lara with a gar, but Richard killed the beast. When he made it to the boundary, Rahl's forces saw the light caused by the nightstone and brought down that section of the boundary. Just before he got throught with the Book of Counted Shadows, however, Richard and Kahlan Amnell killed him and the detachment of D'Haran soldiers who came through the gap in the boundary.
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