A Rada'Han seen on a silver plate with candles.

A Rada'Han is a magical necklace that when placed around the neck of a person with the Gift, it disrupts their connection to their magic, rendering ther powers useless. The Rada'Han was a collar that could only be removed by unlocking the front with the matching key. Richard Cypher once wore a Rada'Han when he was about to leave the Palace of The Prophets, but he was stopped by the Prelate. The same Rada'Han was then used to subdue Nicci's power, although with the help of her fellow Sisters of The Dark and The Keeper, she managed to escape the Rada'Han and the Palace.

Used OnEdit

  • Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander - when he objected helping Jeziah to create a militia against Darken Rahl, in turn that they would sell magic to common townsfolk.[1]
  • Jeziah - after he and his men were defeated by Richard, Kahlan and Zedd, the Wizard of the First Order put it on him so that his wizard's fire wouldn't kill the Seeker.[1]
  • Corah - a princess who for sometime wore the Rada'Han to prevent her from becoming a Calthrop, she eventually stopped wearing it.[2]
  • Kahlan Amnell - when she was captured by Darken Rahl, preventing her from using her Confessor powers.[3]
  • Shota - was captured by Mord-Sith and imprisoned by Darken Rahl, with Kahlan.[3]
  • Richard Cypher - while attempting to leave the Palace of the Prophets and prevent his headaches from his Wizard powers. Unfortunately a magical barrier casted by the Prelate stops him from leaving and Sister of the Light Verna knocks him out with a spell from her Dacra.[4]
  • Sister Nicci - the same Rada'Han Richard Rahl wore was placed on her neck by Verna after she gains Richard's Han and releases him from the Palace of the Prophets, she later had the Rada'Han removed by the Sisters of the Dark.[4][5]
    Again dead Nicci had a Rada'Han placed on her neck by Darken Rahl and revived with the Breath of Life by a Mord-Sith. Darken Rahl then takes her away to torture her.[6]


The Rada'Han surpresses the wearer's Han and prevents the wearer from using any form of magic rendering them powerless. It also stops any form of curses on the wearer from occuring, as well as prevent Confessors from using their powers.



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