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Prophecy (Part 1)

Kahlan and Dennee

Episode No.   Season
1 1x01 One
Original air date 1 November 2008
Teleplay by John Shiban and
Ken Biller & Stephen Tolkin
Directed by Mark Beesley
Chronological Information
Followed by Destiny

Prophecy is the first episode of the television series Legend of the Seeker. Prophecy first aired on November 1, 2008, as the first part of a two part premiere of the series.

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In a distant land, Richard Cypher discovers his true destiny as he, a mysterious young woman, a wise old wizard and a magical sword are all that stand between the evil tyrant Darken Rahl and his quest for total domination.

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Darken Rahl, a tyrant who wants to expand his empire into the Midlands, sends soldiers to obtain the Book of Counted Shadows, which is in the possession of a Confessor named Kahlan Amnell. Kahlan crosses the magical boundary into Westland, a land of no magic, in search of a wizard. In Westland, Kahlan meets Richard Cypher, a woodsman who helps her escape the soldiers. Kahlan finds the wizard, Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, and insists that he take her to the Seeker. Richard, who was sent by his father to Zedd, meets them and discovers that he is the Seeker, the person prophesied to defeat Rahl. One of the soldiers, Fane, kills Richard's father and takes the Book of Counted Shadows from Richard.

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  • Gar
  • Night Wisp

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