Mary Cypher was the mother of Michael Cypher and stepmother of Richard Rahl. Her husband was George Cypher. She and her family lived at a farm near Hartland, which was later burned dowm when a D'haran commander killed George and set the house on fire.


Mary appears in a flashback when Zedd brought with him a baby to Hartland where Mary and George resided. He came from the Midlands across the boundary who searched for someone to raise the boy. He searched for days listening to the clouds, and finally couldn't find anyone better for the job then George and Mary Cypher.

Richard said in the episode Marked that even though he doesn't share blood with Mary or George, they will always be his parents. Mary probably died before her husband did. Richard seems to have missed her also.


  • She was one of the few persons in Westland that knew Richard wasn't a member of her family.


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