Species: Human
Gender: Female   Female
Portrayed by: Elizabeth Blackmore
  ●   First Appearance: Vengeance
  ●   Last Appearance: Unbroken

Marianna was one of the leading Sisters of the Dark.

Serving the KeeperEdit

After Nicci left the Sisters of the Dark, Marianna took over command of the Sisters. She was contacted by the spirit of Darken Rahl to retrieve the Scroll of Valdaire from the Seeker. Marianna succeeded and was then ordered by Rahl to bring it to the Mord-Sith temple, after she did he sent her on her way.

The Keeper then had her help him destroy Rahl, who had betrayed the Keeper. She and another one of her Sisters use magic to give a man betrayed by Rahl an immensely powerful arm, to open a rift to bring Rahl to the Underworld.

Later on, she is confronted by Rahl, who she makes an un easy deal with, she and her Sisters enhance an Agiel to cause Cara extreme pain to re-break her. In exchange for her help, she gets to help Rahl deliver the Stone of Tears to the keeper, but at the last moment, Rahl and the Mord-Sith turn on the Sisters, killing them and throwing their bodies into the rift.

The Spell of UndoingEdit

When Zedd preformed the Spell of Undoing on Cara, it made it so Marianna was still alive, and the Keeper ordered her to do his bidding. She and her other Sisters capture Jennsen Rahl and use her blood to make a potion that would make them immune to all magic. With this new immunity, they infiltrate the Peoples Palace and steal the Boxes of Orden, causing Richard to loose their power. Rahl kills them to get the boxes, sending her again to the Underworld.

Second Spell of UndoingEdit

When Zedd preforms the Spell on Dahlia, it makes it so Marianna is still alive, and she is sent to attack the Mother Confessor, but Kahlan and Richard manage to kill all of the Sisters, But Marianna is the last to be killed.

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