Malray was an captain in the D'haran army who was responsible for training Walter, Darken Rahl's double. Malray developed a real friendship with Walter until Rahl's death, and the ensuing mob on the People's Palace, separated them. Malray reunites with Walter in a tavern, and the two develop a plan to trick the Mord-Sith into thinking that Walter is Darken Rahl returned from the Underworld. But their plan is thwarted when Darken Rahl plans his return to the world of the living. The notorious duo are separated once again. Malray tells the story of his misadventures with Walter to any stranger in a tavern who would buy him some drink in exchange for the tale. in exchange for information, Richard, Kahlan, Cara, and Zedd help Darken Rahl return to the living in Walter's body, since it precisely matches his own. Not wanting Walter to lose his life unnecessarily, the Seeker and friends allow him to take the body of a fallen D'Haran soldier. Walter, with a girl who was a servant to the Mord-Sith, reunites with Malray in the same tavern where they had reunited before.

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