Darken Rahl

Darken Rahl

"Master Rahl guide us, Master Rahl protect us.In you light we thrive, in your wisdom we are humbled, we live only to serve, our lives are yours" - The Lord Rahl chant

The Lord Rahl is the title of the leader of D'Hara. Richard Rahl is the current Lord Rahl though he hasn't officially accepted the title. The recognized Lord Rahl is Darken Rahl. The Lord Rahl has always been a powerful wizard. however until recently The Lord Rahl hasn't had access to their magic.

Known Lord RahlsEdit

Magical AbilitiesEdit

The Lord Rahl is considered to be a very powerful Wizard as He belonged to one of the most powerful magical bloodline. His existence is what keeps the functioning of the bond and the magic of the Agiel. The Lord Rahl's power comes from his blood which explains several reasons to why:

  • Darken Rahl lost all of his magic when he was ressurected into Walter's body.
  • The Agiels ceased functioning when Denna was killed By Richard, only to work again when General Grix's spirit inhabits Richard's body.

The Lord Rahl's power is further amplified in the People's Palace. He also has the ability to instill the Mord-Sith's powers. The Lord Rahl can also use alot of complex spells for various purposes. They are physically fit, strong, agile, quick witted and skilled in physical combat. The Lord Rahl seem to be a natural leader, knowledgeble and a strategist.

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