Legend of the Seeker
Format Live-action
Run time approximately 60 minutes per episode
Network syndicated to individual networks
Creator(s) Sam Raimi
Novel:Terry Goodkind
Writer(s) Novel:Terry Goodkind
Kenneth Biller
John Shiban
Stephen Tolkin
Barry Schkolnick
Chad Fiveash
James Stoteraux
Ken Biller
Mike Sussman
Nick Paluga
Erin Maher
Kay Reindl
Executive producer(s) Sam Raimi
Robert Tapert
Joshua Donen
Ned Nalle
Kenneth Biller
Starring Bridget Regan
Craig Horner
Bruce Spence
Tabrett Bethell
First aired November 1, 2008

Legend of the Seeker is a live-action television series based on Terry Goodkind's award winning Sword of Truth series. Distributed in syndication by Disney-ABC Domestic Television, with Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert, Joshua Donen, Ned Nalle and Kenneth Biller serving as executive producers, the first episode premiered on November 1, 2008.

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The first season of Legend of the Seeker, which contains twenty-two episodes, was originally broadcast from November 2008 to May 2009. The plot is loosely based on that of the first Sword of Truth novel, Wizard's First Rule.

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The series' second season, loosely based on The Stone of Tears, began in November 2009. This season saw Tabrett Bethell join the other three main cast members in earning star billing for her role as Cara Mason.

Differences from the NovelsEdit

Although Legend of the Seeker is based upon the Sword of Truth novels, it is not a direct translation of the books into television format. It is more like a re-imagining of them.


Each season of Legend of the Seeker has an overarching plot which is derived from one of the Sword of Truth novels. The central conflict remains the same, and some of the major events from the novels are included, but the television series tells what is essentially an entirely different story. Many episodes tell entirely isolated stories, that have no direct comparison within the novels, and that do not have any affect on the overarching major plot of the season.


Legend of the Seeker includes many characters from the novels, although often with different roles, relationships, backgrounds, or abilities.

Kahlan is portrayed in the TV series as having a high degree of martial prowess: she is an skilled knife-fighter who often engages in close-quarters combat against multiple opponents. At the beginning of the first season, she was not the Mother Confessor, although she was named to that position eventually. She also had a sister, who was killed by D'Haran soldiers during the first episode.

Darken Rahl does not appear to be a gifted wizard, as he was in Wizard's First Rule. Instead, it is stated repeatedly that he keeps a number of sorcerers in his employment who to provide him with magic.

The wizard Giller, who in Wizard's First Rule worked to oppose Rahl, is portrayed in the TV series as a villian, one of Rahl's hired sorcerers.

The wizards Richard Rahl and Darken Rahl are portrayed in the TV series as brothers instead of father and son.


Magic operates differently in the TV series than it does in the novels. The distinction between Additive and Subtractive magic has been eliminated, and there has been no mention of the Gift. Wizards typically use words and gestures to cast spells, something which is not mentioned in the books.

In the TV series, the effects of a Confessor's magic are not permanent, but are removed upon the Confessor's death.

Magical devices such such as Quillions and Radahan are also much more common in the television series.

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Main Cast Edit
Regan dress

Bridget Regan, who played Kahlan.

Kahlan is a steadfast and beautiful young woman with a mysterious power. The series opens on and follows her quest to find and guide the Seeker, a warrior with a foretold destiny, who gradually falls in love with her. The story also follows her emotional journey as she copes with her immense power, which hinders her ability to have a normal life. Kahlan's great destiny is to become ruler of all the Midlands as Mother Confessor.
The Seeker, a young man foretold to defeat the tyrant Darken Rahl. He serves Kahlan as she ascends to the position of Mother Confessor.
A great wizard who journeys with Richard and Kahlan.
A warrior who joins the group in the second season.
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