Jeziah Edit

Appears in 'Elixir' (Season 1, episode 6).

Jeziah, while talking with Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, reveals that he is his former apprentice. He and Zeddicus had gotten along quite well in the past. Jeziah is a Wizard of the First Order.

Jeziah proclaimed his hate for Darken Rahl, and hoped to defeat him by raising an army through gold which he acquired by selling magical potions to the villagers of Drundril.

This market is ruining Drundril's economy while destroying the lives of its citizens as well. Many were willing to give almost anything to get the potions, including selling their houses.

Jeziah drained Zeddicus's powers from him after Zedd had refused to help him or support his cause. After being drained he was left for dead in the cave he was in.

Jeziah is later defeated by Zeddicus in the woods by putting on the Rada'Han on him, preventing Jeziah from using magic.

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