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Zed's magic is drained by the Quillion

Episode No.   Season
7 1x07 One
Original air date 6 December 2008
Written by Chad Fiveash
Directed by Garth Maxwell
Chronological Information
Preceded by Elixir
Followed by Denna

In this special episode, The evil witch Shota looks into the future and sees that General Nass(one of Darken Rhal's most trusted men) will kill Richard Cypher at Calabra in a matter of days. Shota can't have this happen because she wants Darken Rhal dead just like everyone else. At the moment, Richard, Kahlan, and Zedd are at the hometown of a man named Gryff. Their next stop is Calabra. Gryff is about to get married. But before his wedding, Richard trains Gryff at swordsmanship. After Gryff's training was over, Shota comes to Richard disguised as an old lady and tells him not to go to Calabra cause if he does, Nass will kill him. Richard doesn't believe her, leaving Shota no choice but to cast a spell. This spell causes Richard and Gryff to switch identities. Now everyone thinks Richard is Gryff and Gryff is Richard. Because of that, Gryff goes to Calabra with Kahlan and Zedd while Richard stays behind at Gryff's wedding festival. But he knows he can't let his friends go alone. So he goes to Calabra by himself. When he gets there, he sees Gryff is still battling Nass. When Nass is about to stab Gryff in the heart, Richard saves Gryff's life by pushing Nass away. Then Calabra starts to collapse. Both the D'Harans and Richard's friends get away, along with Richard. Richard takes an ancient scroll from the D'Harans before he ran away. The scroll said that Calabra was protecting its grand treasure, a Box of Orden. A Box of Orden is one out of three magical boxes. Whoever has all three gets the power to control everyone. Now, Nass has one Box of Orden. Richard has to stop Darken Rhal before he gets all three boxes. At the very end of the epiosde, Shota appears and tells Richard he will be betrayed by the one in white, who Richard believes to be Kahlan.

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