Grace is the elder sister of Cara Mason, by 3 years. She bears little physical resemblance to her, except for their shared hair color and green eyes. She is married with two children, an unnamed boy and a girl, Ella.

She makes her first and only appearance in "Broken" (S02E03), where Cara decides to return home after being sent away by her team when Kahlan comes to the realization that she killed her sister.

While her husband is initially threatened by the Mord-Sith's presence, Grace manages to recognize her and later pleas for her to return home with her. 

When Cara complies and enters her sister's house, she is given a pretty dress, so that she does not scare off the children. Although all seems well when Grace invites her sister to a warm meal, it turns out her husband had told the town guard of the Mord-Sith's arrival, leading to her arrest.

Grace later speaks on her sister's behalf during the trial, being the only one besides Cara's school teacher and Richard to do so.

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