Frederick Amnell    
Frederick Amnell
Species: Human
Gender: Male   Male
Portrayed by: Michael Nouri
  ●   First Appearance: Bound
  ●   Last Appearance: Bound

Frederick Amnell was the father to Confessors Dennee and Kahlan Amnell. After their mother dies and he was released from Confession, he revealed how brutal he really was by forcing his daughters to Confess people in order for them to do his bidding. This ended when another Confessor found his daughters and took them to Thandor. He only appears in the season two episode 'Bound' when Kahlan, Zedd and Cara approach him to get one of Kahlan's mother's possessions in order to free Kahlan from a maternity spell cast by Nicci.


Frederick once fell in love with Lia, the daughter of a stone carver. But his father, who had other plans, commissioned him into the Dragon Corps. Before his service was over, Kahlan's mother Confessed him in battle and took him as her mate. Not long after Dennee was born, her mother died and Frederick was released from Confession.


Frederick forced his daughters to Confess other people and order them to give him all their possessions. It is assumed that this is how he got his estate, which was the most admired in all of Grumalia. When Kahlan or Denee would resist, he bound their hands, and this is revealed to have traumatised Kahlan deeply. He would even make them Confess women and order them to his bed. Despite all this, Frederick feared his daughters because of their power. Kahlan used to pray to the Creator to free them from their father's brutality. Her prayers were answered when another Confessor found them and took them to Thandor. 

Later lifeEdit

After Darken Rahl's death, a warlord named Aramus took over Frederick's estate and threw him in jail. A few months later, his elder daughter Kahlan, who was then the Mother Confessor, released him from jail in the hopes of him helping her retrieve her mother's possessions from the estate. They are caught by Aramus' guards, and at the same time Nicci has a man beat her up in order for Kahlan to feel it too. One of the guards almost kills Kahlan, but Frederick saves her. The next day, after Zedd breaks the maternity spell by summoning Kahlan's mother's spirit (briefly), Kahlan thanks Frederick for saving her life and gives him her mother's ornaments for him to start anew. Frederick then gives her one of his wife's necklaces, saying that they belong to her and Dennee. He agrees to start anew "not because the Mother Confessor told me to, but because my daughter asked me to."

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