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Episode No.   Season
21 1x21 One
Original air date 16 May 2009
Teleplay by Kenneth Biller & Stephen Tolkin
Written by Chad Fiveash & James Patrick Stoteraux
Directed by Mark Beesley
Chronological Information
Preceded by Sanctuary
Followed by Reckoning

Fever Plot Summary

Zedd tries to cure a village suffering from a magical fever that's killing them off one by one. Meanwhile, Richard and Kahlan try to get to Jennsen and retrieve the boxes of Orden but Rahl has managed to capture her. Fortunately for him, Jennsen has lost her memory and he uses her to get what he wants. Eventually the towns people are to hard to cure and both Zedd and Kahlan become sick too. Richard helps Jennsen regain her memories and go to help Zedd and Kahlan. Zedd, Kahlan and Richard with renewed strength and health continue their quest.

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