Dennee Amnell    
Dennee Amnell

Dennee and Kahlan Amnell running from a Quad

Birth name: Dennee
Species: Human
Gender: Female   Female
Caste: Confessor
Title: Confessor


Portrayed by: Tania Nolan
Gina Holden

Dennee is a Confessor and the sister of the Mother Confessor, Kahlan Amnell.


Dennee and Kahlan's mother died when they both were very young, releasing their father from Confession, which showed them his true cruel nature. Eventually, a passing Sister of the Light discovered their situation and brought them to live in the magically concealed land of Thandore.

Dennee went with her sister on the way to the Boundary, but while they were being chased by a D'Haran quad, Dennee was shot with an arrow and made Kahlan promise she would continue on the mission to find Richard Rahl and Kahlan was forced to leave her.

Some months later, Kahlan and the others found the surviving Confessors and discovered that Dennee was actually alive and in a D'Haran prison. Kahlan and Richard managed to break her out of the prison and discovered that she was heavily with child. Dennee soon gives birth to a baby boy, a very bad thing to happen to a Confessor, since all male Confessors born have to be killed at birth because of the uncontrollable blood lust that they develop as they grow older.

Richard was horrified when he learned that they intended to kill the child and tried to convince Kahlan and Dennee that the boy could be raised differently and not become evil, but to no avail. After the Monther Confessor was killed by the boy's father Finn, the young family went to live on a magically-hidden island where he could be raised without anything to provoke any blood lust. But when Darken Rahl found out a male Confessor was alive, he sent the Mord'Sith to the island to capture him. Dennee drowned the boy to prevent Darken Rahl from getting his hands on him before she was killed by Cara.

Later on, Denna had Dennee brought back to life to kill Cara, but Kahlan arrived in time and convinced her to let Cara live. After saving Richard's soul, Cara apologized to Dennee, but Dennee said she could never forgive her for what she had done.

Dennee chose to then live the life of the woman whose body she now had after being brought back to life, which included raising her young son, whom she said reminded her of her own son. After Kahlan had been to Aydindril and seen the state of chaos caused by the absence of the Mother Confessor, she sent for Dennee to go to Aydinril so the Midlands wouldn't be without a Confessor.

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