Not much is known about this boy's past. The only accurate information is of his role in serving the Keeper of The Underworld

Serving The Keeper

The Keeper of The Underworld, using his magical ability that allows him to possess a single living entity at a time in the real world(land of the living), takes the place of a young boy named Declan who he uses to deceive the Seeker and claim the Stone of Tears. At the moment in which this all takes place, Nicci, a Sister of the Dark, blinds The Seeker by magically throwing multiple shards of glass in his eyes. Declan then precedes to forward the stone to the Underworld for protection as to not allow the stone to reach the Pillars of Creation.

Foiling the Plan

With help from a few Sisters of the Light and Mord Sith, the Sisters of the Dark are betrayed and The Seeker, who can now see from escaping the [Sands of Dreams] successfully and alive, reclaims the Stone of Tears and the posse of main characters convey the stone to the Pillars of Creation, closing the rift and ending all known problems. The rift to the Underworld is closed and the Keeper is once again trapped, Darken Rahl is dead, and the corrupted Sisters of the Dark have been killed.

The Legend of The Seeker ends after this scene. (Last episode)

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