OK this is just a summary for something I saw on youtube that probally doesn't exist any more. Its the fake first episode of season 3. it begins in black and white and contiues in color.

It begins (in black and white) in the village of Arenguard where the people are celebrating Richard's victory against the Keeper. Rachel asks if Richard and Kahlan are getting married to which Kahlan says yes. The scene then cuts to their wedding. Shortly after their wedding (in color) Richards declares to the D'Haran armies that he is the rightful heir ot the throne and orders them to march with him to victory, the D'Harans (except for a small number of Mord'Sith) swear their loyalty to Richard. The scene cuts to the Peoples Palace where Darken Rahl learns that Richard is marching against him and relelizes that he can only do one thing. The scene then cuts to a mysterious camp where an unknown man (probally Drefan Rahl (Richard's half-brother (all though I origanally the person was Jagang or Sebastion))) recieves a visit from a woman. The scene then cuts to the Peoples Palace where Richard attacks Darken Rahl and kills Giller but Rahl escapes. The Unknown Man arrives at the People Palace. Richard states that the war is over but the man states they should repass it and he has other buissness somewhere else. The scene then cuts to a Mord'Sith temple where the man states to Rahl that they must unite. Rahl agrees and asks for the man to accept his offer. The man then agrees by stating "Dead...All of Them."

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