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Maia; the girl who claims to be the human incarnation of the Creator.

The Creator is known as the celestial being who created all of life. Her servants are the Sisters of the Light who spread good and peace throughout the land. She was once in love with the Keeper of the Underworld, but he eventually became jealous of her children and betrayed them. The Creator wept for many days, and her tears formed the sought after Stone of Tears, which she used to seal her former love- the Keeper into the depths of the Underworld for all eternity.


The Creator appeared In, Season 2, Episode 15. She appeared as a young human woman by the name of Maia, and claims to be the mortal incarnation of the creator herself. Her human mother mentions to Richard how she had seen a vision before Maia's birth that her child is the human incarnation of the creator. Though her claim to be the creator has never been proven right or wrong, she reveals knowledge of many secrets of Kahlan.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

As the name suggest the Creator is the one who created all life in the Legend of the Seeker universe. She created the humans, animals and controls all forces of magic. The Creator also created the Han which is the magic flowing in all of the species veins. As Maia she is able to shoot bolts of powerful lightning, close rifts to the Underworld, stop any form of magic from working, create barriers for protection and possibly read minds. The Sisters of the Light gave all their Han to her meaning she is more powerful than Nicci.At the end of the episode 15 in season 2,the girl Maia,who claimed to be the Creator,disappeared without anyone noticing indicating that she is the Creator.


The Creator's human name Maia, rhymes with the name Gaia, the Greek goddess of Earth.


  • Maia is one of the three persons to fire lightning, the other being Nicci and Richard. The latter could have achieved it if he hadn't given his Han to Nicci. 
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