S02E22 - Kahlan in the Con Dar

Kahlan Amnell in the Con Dar, in the episode "Tears".

The Con Dar, also known as the Bloodrage, is an ancient magical abillity which only a select few powerful Confessors can possess. It normally occurs when someone the Confessor loves is in danger. It's an unstoppable rage, and can only be calmed down by the person they love most.[1]


Confessors go into this rage to protect the one they love, but once in the Con Dar they are like wild animals. The confessor's eyes change to a horrifying red color. They kill everyone around them, being able to confess multiple targets without touching their necks, use telekinesis magic, as well as they get increased combat and reflexes.[1][2][3]

Failures of ConfessionEdit

The only known failure of confession during the bloodrage happened when Richard was on the verge of retrieving the Stone of Tears to the Pillars of Creation. Blindfolded and companied by the Keeper disguised as a boy, Sisters of the Dark arrived to the beach where Richard was. Kahlan, who was still in the Con Dar after Nicci "died", came to the scene and fought off the many sisters along with Richard even though he was blind. Once the sisters were dealt with, Kahlan tried to confess Richard, but was unable to do so because he was blind-folded and couldn't see his "mistress".[3]

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