Brennidon is a town in the Midlands. In this very village Richard Cypher was born and rescued by Zeddicus in his arms and escaped to the boundary. 


When Darken Rahl found out by an old prophet that a firstborn son of Brennidon would be named Seeker and defeat him one day, he sent out a part of his army and killed every first-born son of Brennidon. But there was one first-born son who managed to escape the massacre, Richard Cypher. Zedd took him from the house keepers arms and Richards mother, then Zedd travelled with him to the boundary and beyond Midlands and entered the Westland. Richard Cypher found the town during his quest to defeat Darken Rahl, and that was in his earlier travels with Zedd and Kahlan. There he sought out some problems with the town and drow out the Darken Rahl's forces. 


Brennidons defense is quite the surprise with the walls surrounding it to attackers and plunderers. The walls makes Brennidon a safe place for travelers and merchants alike.   


  • Mark
  • Owen (mentioned)


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