The Boxes Of Orden are boxes of immense magical property. They allow whoever puts all three together control over everyone. They must do as they say, even if they disagree with it. When they were destroyed (Series One, Episode 22) while killing Darken Rahl, they created a rift (opening) into the Underworld, allowing the Keeper to send through his minions and dead souls to return to their bodies, killing one for a day of life (Banelings). Richard Rahl uses them to kill Darken Rahl, using Kahlan's confessor power. RIchards puts the three boxes together and then Kahlan goes into Confessor mode and confesses him. Her love power tempers the Boxes power of hate, which makes him enslaved by neither evil or love. Darken Rahl gets angry at the sight and picks up the Sword Of Truth and destroys the boxes killing himself and returning to the Underworld.

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