The bounty for the Seeker

Episode No.   Season
3 1x03 One
Original air date 8 November 2008
Written by Chad Fiveash & James Patrick Stoteraux
Directed by Jesse Warn
Chronological Information
Preceded by Destiny
Followed by Brennidon

Bounty is the third episode of the first season of Legend of the Seeker.


A bounty hunter and his partner are in a forest. The bounty hunter asks his partner if he found Richard or his comrades, and his partner replies that their tracks were too well covered and he only found a pendant. He tosses it to the side, defeated, but the bounty hunter catches it. He takes out a flier with the information on the bounty on Richard and compares the pendant to the one in the picture of Richard, and realizes it is his.

Elsewhere, several D'haran soldiers are chasing after an adolescent boy. They catch him and begin questioning him about stealing food from the army. He says he was starving. When the D'haran captain asks where the other thieves are, the boy says there are no others. The captain hits him, knocking him out, and two D'haran soldiers drag him away.

A mapmaker, Sebastian, is putting a map back on the shelf when a man walks into his shop. It's the bounty hunter from earlier. He says he needs a map, and Sebastian starts to suggest several maps, none of which the bounty hunter has any interest in. He clarifies that he needs a map to track someone. Sebastian says that he doesn't know if such a thing exists, but that if it did, it would be expensive. The bounty hunter drops a heavy bag of coins on the counter. Sebastian states that he would also need something that belonged to the person the map would be used to track, at which point the bounty hunter hands him Richard's pendant.

In a back room, Sebastian crushes up the pendant and pours in a red liquid. The mixture bubbles. He pours it into a device that presses a map onto a blank piece of parchment in a bright flash of light. He takes the map to the bounty hunter up front and shows it to him. It has a yellow light glowing on the map at the point where Richard is. As this occurs, Richard, Zedd, and Kahlan are trekking through a forest. Richard starts running after something with Kahlan right behind him. They are chasing a rabbit. Zedd shoots fire at it from behind, but accidentally obliterates it, leaving nothing but smoking ashes. This also leaves the three without dinner, as the rabbit was the only wildlife they had seen to hunt in two days. The D'harans had been over-hunting the once plentiful wildlife to feed their armies. Zedd gives Richard a hard time about an elk that got away the previous day, which Richard apparently lost his pendant (which belonged to his father) chasing.

Kahlan, Richard and Zedd then get caught in traps and strung up by their ankles. Richard reaches for the sword, but it has fallen on the ground. Zedd says he'll burn the ropes, but Kahlan is skeptical after their encounter with the rabbit. They hear horses approaching and then see three armed men riding towards them. Zedd tries to burn the ropes but misses and hits a tree. He tries again and manages to burn Kahlan's rope, freeing her. She grabs her dagger and kicks the Sword of Truth up to Richard. Dodging the swinging sword of the first man, the bounty hunter from the map shop, she tosses her dagger into the chest of the second. The bounty hunter starts trying to get Richard with his sword, but Richard fights back as best he can while upside down. Zedd shoots fire at the third man, who rides off shouting to the bounty hunter that he never agreed to go up against a wizard. The bounty hunter shouts to the men who were with him that they are cowards. He starts riding away, and Kahlan runs in pursuit. She tries to grab onto him and his horse, but ends up only getting a bag away from him and off of the horse.

The bag contains money, which Zedd says will buy them their dinner. Kahlan then finds the map in the bag, which she quickly realizes is tracking Richard, the glowing dot moving when and where he moves and stopping when he stops. A little later at a tavern, Richard is marveling over the map, the magic behind which Zedd states is rare and powerful. Richard wonders if Darken Rahl made it, but Kahlan says Richard wouldn't be alive if Darken Rahl had such a map. Richard says that now that they have it, it could be useful to help Kahlan and Zedd find him if they get split up. They see another flier being nailed up in the tavern with Richard's picture and a reward amount on it. 1,000 gold pieces for the Seeker. Kahlan says that with a reward that large, it won't just be bounty hunters looking for Richard. Several other people in the tavern began mumbling to each other, realizing Richard is the Seeker. Kahlan says they should go, and Richard agrees. A group of hostile people show up behind them, and a large man blocks their exit. Suddenly he is hit over the head with a stool by a young blond woman named Lilly, who tells them to run. Zedd shoots fire back in front of the crowd to stop them from pursuing, as he, Kahlan, Richard and Lilly run outside and away.

Lilly asks if Richard is really the Seeker. Richard confirms that he is, and Lilly says she needs his help. She says that she and her little brother Liam were attacked by a creature called a shadrin, and that it took Liam. Zedd explains to Richard that a shadrin is one of the most feared creatures in the Midlands. Kahlan thought it was just a myth, but Lilly shows wounds on her leg that seem to contradict that. She says she couldn't fight it off and no one else would help her. According to Zedd, the shadrin hunts during the day and keeps its prey alive till night when it feeds, so they still have time to find Lilly's brother. Lilly says she can take them to where it attacked her and her brother. Kahlan is worried about more bounty hunters, but Richard insists they still help Lilly.

Back at Sebastian the mapmaker's, another, curly-haired bounty hunter, called there by Sebastian, walks in. Sebastian offers to sell him a map that can track the Seeker (another such map) and that it is one-of-a-kind. The man drops a few coins onto the counter, and Sebastian makes a sarcastic remark, prompting the man to add to the pile of coins, and even more so after a sigh from Sebastian. Sebastian then gives the map to the second bounty hunter.

Lilly brings Zedd, Richard and Kahlan to the spot where the attack from the shadrin happened. Zedd says the stories he has heard say that the shadrin build their nests in caves, and Lilly mentions that there are caves up ahead of them. They have to hurry, because sundown is coming. They come across a man who says a wheel fell off of his cart and he could use help fixing it. Richard says they have to go save a boy, but will help later if they can. The man is actually the second bounty hunter, who sheds his disguise and pulls out a crossbow after Richard and the others walk past him. Kahlan shouts a warning to Richard, who pulls out the sword and dodges two arrows, which she also dodges just barely. Two other men run out from the forest and begin fighting with Richard and Kahlan. They manage to beat the two men to the ground in their duel, and the second bounty hunter with the crossbows shoots several arrows at Richard. He deflects all of them using the sword and begins approaching the stunned bounty hunter, who drops his crossbows and starts backing up. Richard hits him with the hilt of the sword.

Tied up, the curly-haired bounty hunter is thrust against a rock by Kahlan, who takes the second map from him. She asks where he got it. He doesn't answer, and Richard tells him he better answer Kahlan, who he tells is a Confessor. The bounty hunter quickly answers that he got the map from Sebastian. They're worried about more of Sebastian's customers ambushing them. Lilly says that Richard should protect himself, but he insists on still helping her brother. Zedd tells him to go help, and that he will take care of the mapmaker himself.

Back at Sebastian's shop, he is selling yet another map to a bounty hunter with a distinct tattoo on his face. The tattooed bounty hunter asks if the map will really help him find the Seeker, and Sebastian says yes and that it is one-of-a-kind and that he is giving the bounty hunter the first chance to own it. He leaves with the map, and just then the first bounty hunter enters again. He says he needs another map, but Sebastian says he can't because he is out of ink. The bounty hunter realizes this is because he made other maps for other bounty hunters. He asks who the others were sold to, and Sebastian tells him about the man who just left. The bounty hunter leaves to go after the third tattooed one.

Kahlan notices that they are not far from the map's edge and that if they went beyond it, no one with one of the maps could track Richard. However, he does not want to give up on saving Lilly's brother. Kahlan tells him his destiny is bigger than that, but Richard thinks that it wouldn't be right to save himself by sacrificing Lilly's brother. Kahlan brings up that she lost her sister finding him and doesn't regret it, and that she has sworn her life to protect him. Lilly wonders if there is trouble, but Richard says there is not and they go on. They reach the entrance of a cave. Lilly hears noise from inside and runs in, screaming her brother's name.

Zedd walks into Sebastian's shop. He says the shop is closed, but Zedd tells him it is not yet, and that he has heard Sebastian is selling maps to track the Seeker. Sebastian acts like he has no idea what Zedd is talking about and offers him a useless map. Zedd pulls out one of the maps used for tracking Richard. Sebastian says he doesn't know where Zedd got that, and pulls out a dagger. Zedd holds him back using magic and using this magic pushes Sebastian's arm holding the dagger towards his neck. He tells Sebastian that he will tell him how he made the maps, how many he made and who he sold them to. Sebastian tells him about the bounty hunter and the pendant and that there was one map. Zedd knows he's not telling the truth and thrusts him back again with magic, prompting him to reveal that he made three, the last of which was just sold. When asked, he said that he did not sell any to the D'harans, who would take and not buy maps, and who he claims to hate. He says he just had to make a living, and that he didn't care that he was helping lead the Seeker into the hands of the D'harans because the Seeker never did anything to help when they were being terrorized by Darken Rahl before. He used to be in the service of kings and now makes maps to get by. Zedd requests a map leading to the tattooed bounty hunter. When Sebastian mentions he'll need something that was precious to the bounty hunter, Zedd brings up that he paid Sebastian and bounty hunters value nothing more than their money.

In the caves, Richard and Kahlan are searching for Lilly by torchlight. Richard sees primitive cave paintings. Kahlan goes on while he looks at them and finds herself standing at the edge of a chasm. Suddenly, Lilly comes from behind and pushes her over the edge. Richard runs towards her but is too late.

Next we see he is being chained to a horse-drawn cart by Lilly, who says she left Kahlan back in the caves. Richard is shocked that Lilly trapped her with the shadrin, and Lilly replies that everyone knows it is just a myth. Richard tries to free himself but can't. Meanwhile, Zedd gets the map he wanted made for him. Sebastian gives it to Zedd and he goes, warning Sebastian that he'll be back if he makes any more maps that track the Seeker.

Kahlan wakes up on the ground in a pit of bones. She grabs her torch and looks around frantically. She sees a dark passageway and goes down it. She falls over onto a corpse and then takes some rope out of a bag. She hears roaring and shrieking. She runs right into the shadrin, which is real after all. She runs backwards through the passageway. The shadrin catches up with her. She fends it off with her torch just long enough to use the rope to climb out of the pit. She runs out of the cave and begins screaming for Richard. She pulls out the map she had that tracks him and goes after him.

Meanwhile, Lilly is transporting Richard in the cart to Darken Rahl. Richard says he was trying to help her and asks why she is doing this. She dismisses the Seeker as a fairytale that she can merely use to get what she wants from the D'harans. She laughs off the prophecy Richard mentions saying he will kill Darken Rahl and save the people of the Midlands. She makes a remark about how easy it was to catch him.

The bounty hunter with the tattoo is in the woods trying to determine where Richard is, when the first bounty hunter catches up with him and demands the map. The tattooed bounty hunter is not threatened, and draws his two swords after making a threat back to the first bounty hunter. They duel. The first bounty hunter knocks the map away from him and they both grab for it, ripping it in half. The first one's half has Richard on it. He laughs that the other can keep his half and begins to run off when the dot indicating Richard's location moves to the other side of the map. The tattooed bounty hunter mounts his horse and begins riding off, and the other follows on his horse.

A D'haran soldier far from the rest spies Lilly's horse-drawn cart, and as it appears empty, goes around to check the back of it. Lilly grabs him and puts a dagger to his throat and tells him that he gets to go back to his people and tell them she is bringing the Seeker. She requests a meeting with his captain, but says that she doesn't want the bounty, she wants something else.

After this we see Lilly racing Richard back towards where she is to meet with the D'haran captain. When Richard asks what she wants more than the bounty, she says that it is her brother. It turns out that he was the boy from the beginning and that they are going to execute him for stealing. Lilly actually stole, but Liam confessed to protect her. She defends her decision to steal rather than starve, and says she will not let her brother be killed because he is all she has left. Richard says he would've helped if Lilly had just told the truth. She says he would only help if he thought Liam was innocent and not a thief under D'haran guard.

Back where Liam is chained up, the D'haran captain offers him food and apologizes, saying he just had to put on a show for his men. When Liam accepts the food, the captain snatches it away and says that they hang thieves, not fatten them up. Richard asks Lilly to unshackle him so they can go get Kahlan and all rescue her brother together. Lilly doesn't believe Richard wouldn't just run off. Kahlan runs through forest and over a hill, trying to intersect the road Richard is on. The bounty hunters meet up. The tattooed one proposes that as they each have a map piece and do not know which side Richard will stay on, they'll work together and split the profit. The first bounty hunter agrees and they go after Richard together with a very shaky trust of each other.

Kahlan manages to intersect the cart's path and jump right down on it. She fights Lilly and they both fall off the back. Kahlan kicks Lilly down and runs after the cart, jumping on and pulling back on the horses' reins. She begins to unshackle Richard and tell him that next time he should trust her and not strangers. As she works to break his chains, the arm holding her dagger is caught in a rope by the first bounty hunter.

The other bounty hunter points a bow and arrow at her. He has her get down on the ground and says to the first bounty hunter that there will be plenty reward for both of them. Lilly shows up then and says that the mutual gain will only be until the tattooed bounty hunter double crosses the other one. She claims to know the bounty hunter with the tattoo and offers to make a deal to share the bounty with the first bounty hunter, and possibly more in an implied physical sense. He's interested in the deal, and the tattooed bounty hunter thinks he is being stabbed in the back and turns his bow and arrow on the first bounty hunter.

Zedd shows up then and knocks back both bounty hunters with magic when they turn to attack him. He also holds Lilly back from getting away. Zedd collects the final map pieces, giving them all three. Lilly is tied up. Kahlan wants to know what to do with her. Lilly says she may as well be killed if she can't save her brother. Richard cuts the rope binding her and says he is going to go save her brother. Kahlan is shocked, but Richard defends Lilly's actions because it was all to save her brother. Kahlan asks Zedd if he trusts Lilly, and he says he doesn't but he does trust Richard, and that people need to know the Seeker will fight for them. Kahlan still doesn't like the idea, but Richard figures the Seeker needs to be selfless.

The D'haran soldier from before runs to his captain and tells him about Richard and Lilly. Richard and Kahlan are outside the fortress planning their attack, but Kahlan is still skeptical that the plan requires they trust Lilly. Lilly rides up to the D'harans in her cart and gives them one of the tracking maps in exchange for her brother, but they just throw her in prison with her brother instead. Lilly acts upset, and then meets back up with her brother in their cell. Meanwhile, the captain rallies all the men available there to go after the Seeker. The D'harans follow the location indicated on the map by the glowing dot. Lilly picks a pin out of her hair and picks open the lock on her and Liam's cell door. They grab some swords and go and ambush the few remaining D'haran soldiers with Richard and Kahlan. The soldiers are locked in a room. The other soldiers, following the map, go into the caves. There they find the two remaining bounty hunters tied together there. They realize that it was a trap and that the map was the one leading to the bounty hunter, but it is too late. Zedd collapses the cave's entrance magically from outside, trapping the D'harans and bounty hunters with the shadrin.

Lilly thanks Richard for saving Liam after everything she did to him. Her faith in the Seeker is restored, and as Richard and Kahlan leave, she goes back to the tavern and tears down the flier about the bounty and tells the townspeople about what a hero the Seeker is and how the bounty is a hoax, urging the people to help the Seeker if they can. Zedd chants and holds his hand over the three maps, rendering them blank and reconstituting Richard's father's pendant. He gives it back to Richard, who very happily accepts. It's all he has of his father. He tells Kahlan he appreciates her looking out for him, and she acknowledges that if he had listened to her Liam would be dead. Now, because Richard stood up and fought for the common people, word will spread, and people will know the Seeker has returned. Kahlan says they should get going and jests that if Richard is going to save every damsel in distress, there's no time to waste.


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  • Lilly says "God" in the episode, which have no connections to the Legend of the Seeker universe. People of the Land of the Living believes in the Creator, the Spirits and the Keeper of the Underworld. Though the Creator can be seen as a "God" itself, the deity is depicted as a female in the novels and the TV-show. Lilly could therefor have used a more appropriate word such as "Goddess" to describe the Creator's female form. The use of the word could've just been a minor mistake by the producers.
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