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Episode No.   Season
36 2x14 Two
Original air date 20 March 2010
Written by Arika Lissan Mittman & Nicki Paluga
Directed by Chris Martin Jones
Chronological Information
Preceded by Princess
Followed by Creator


When Sister Nicci casts the maternity spell on Kahlan, linking their fates, Richard has to lead Nicci to the Stone of Tears and protect her from the Sisters of the Dark while Kahlan, Zedd and Cara find a way to break the spell.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Four Sisters of the Dark plot to kill Nicci for her failure in killing Kahlan. Nicci finds out from Rahl that the Keeper is also displeased and the only way to regain his favour is to bring Rahl the Stone of Tears. Nicci casts the maternity spell on Kahlan and forces Richard to lead her to the Stone of Tears. In an attack by the Sisters of the Dark, Nicci gets injured while Sister Merissa sends a poisonous spider to kill her. Meanwhile, Kahlan, Zedd and Cara find Kahlan's father and free him from prison. Meanwhile, Nicci gets her wound treated by a farmer's wife whose house is overgrown by snakevine. She and Richard leave. Then they arrive at a tavern and Nicci warns Richard to not go back to help the farmer's wife. Richard defies her and goes. Nicci then gets a burly stranger to beat her up so Kahlan will suffer the same fate. The team meanwhile, is fighting some guards and getting Kahlan's mother's treasure. Richard luckily stops the man before he rapes Nicci and saves Kahlan. The team get the treasure and Nicci reveals to Richard her past. At morning, Nicci gets bitten by the spider and goes to the Caves of Arbourea to find the nectar of a blossom which will cure her. She heals herself with Richard's help and Zedd breaks the spell. Just as they leave, Richard and Nicci are attacked by the Sisters. Nicci regains her han and kills the sisters absorbing theirs. She releases Richard and escapes. Kahlan's father begins an honest life while the team reunite. Nicci then tells Rahl that she exits service of the Keeper.



Craig Horner as Richard Rahl

Bridget Regan as Kahlan Amnell

Bruce Spence as Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander

Tabrett Bethell as Cara Mason

Guest StarringEdit

Michael Nouri as Frederick Amnell

Emily Foxler as Nicci

Craig Parker as Darken Rahl

Co - StarringEdit

Faye Smythe as Sister Merissa

Elizabeth Pendergrast as Gladys

Jonathan Hodge as Burly Stranger

Angela Shirly as Gwendolyn

Hanna Hegan as Sister Anya

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