Book of Counted Shadows

Kahlan holding the book inside Zedd's house.

"Not just any book. It's the Book of Counted Shadows. It was written before a time remembering. For thousand years it's been kept safe in the Wizard's Keep in Aydrindil."
—Kahlan on the magical book.[src]

The Book of Counted Shadows is an ancient scrypt that contains secrets of power. It can only be read by a Seeker, because it was written in a mysterious language, but the text changes for the Seeker so he is able to read the old book.


The original book was written in runes by a confessor in ancient times. It came to safety in the Wizard's Keep of Aydindril for a thousand years. However, a month before the events of Legend of the Seeker, the armies of Darken Rahl broke through the resistance's last defenses in an attempt to steal the book. If Lord Rahl would get his hands on it, he would control every corner of the world and enslave everyone under his will. For this reason, Kahlan Amnell and her sister Dennee got their hands on it and set out to find a new Seeker that would defeat the tyrant.[1]

According to prophecy, the Seeker would use the Book of Counted Shadows in his quest to defeat Darken Rahl. Richard Cypher made a tough choice and decided to burn the book to keep his enemy from getting it when he battled with Rahl's forces at the Boundary.[1]

Another copy appeared later on in the Briamont Librabry, and Richard gained that one, after he and his friends escaped the painting world which James created.[2]

Writings in the bookEdit

The introduction paragraph begins: "Truth of the words of the Book of Counted Shadows can only be assured by a confessor."

Both Richard Cypher and Leo Dane, two Seekers by the events of Legend of the Seeker, have read this part to confirm that they are Seekers of Truth in front of their confessors, which in this case is Kahlan Amnell.


Over the years there have been rumors of several copies being made for the book. Long ago, an ancient munk transcribed a copy of the book in secret. He kept it safe in the Briamont Librabry where he hid it behind a wall.[2][3]


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