Baneling Cara

When Cara was a Baneling


Banelings are those that have died and been offered a second chance at life in service to the Keeper. They are required to kill a person a day in order to stay in the world of the living. The clock is reset after each kill. Therefore killing multiple people at once will not result in multiple days of life for the baneling. In the television series, The Sisters of the Dark do not count as banelings. The only way to prevent banelings to return is by burning their physical bodies, while their souls are trapped in the Underworld. Darken Rahl took his life when he was younger and made a bargain with the Keeper that if the keeper granted him the power to rule the world then in exchange, Rahl wound kill for him everyday, sending him an endless supply of souls, which in effect made him the very first baneling.

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